2 Major Events to Bet on Yacht Races This Year

Yacht races are very important in the lives of some people. Around the world, there are races that stop entire cities, on the account of the importance of these events.

There are different kinds of races and the scenario in which they take place changes, according to the type of competition.

These events are posted in an annual calendar. All the important and most exciting races of the year are there, so lovers of this sport, always have this calendar at hand, to be prepared to attend each one of them, and get to enjoy beautiful events.

There are different forms and types of racing, which each team of yachts is prepared, and they have all the elements to join them. There are many sailors who like to visit these events, but you do not need to be a sailor to enjoy them since they are open to the public.

We give you two of the top most important yacht events happening this year.

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Antigua Sailing Week

For more than twenty years, this race has been in force in this area. In Antigua, it is one of the main affairs held by the Yacht Club of Antigua, which began this tradition more than twenty years ago, with a small fleet of yachts. They made a series of races during a full week of different events.

The Antigua Sailing Week has been taking place since 1967 and has been successful until today.

It bloomed, from its humble beginnings, when it had very little support, into a race currently expected to have the participation of over 200 boats.

Through this event, you can enjoy the coastal area of the island, seeing all the races and also enjoy different parties and receptions, made for tourists who visit the island during the entire week.

This year, the race will be held at the end of April. The Prizes will be awarded the last Friday of the event, and then the recognition ceremony of the different teams will take place.

Cowes Week

It is one of the oldest and most important yacht events in the world. Its importance lies in the fact that it was an event created by King George IV, of the United Kingdom, back in 1826.

It is one of the best summer affairs, in which the citizens of the UK can enjoy the season on the coasts, watching the yacht races from the shore.

The race lasts one week, during which 40 races take place each day in different forms, involving more than 1,000 boats, with over 8,500 people. This festival draws in more than 100,000 visitors, and is generally quite crowded.

There is also a fireworks’ display to let everyone know the festival is taking place.

These two events are part of the calendar of events for yachts around the world, in which there are more than 10 events. Both of these events stand out from all others in the calendar, and we wanted to share their wonders with you, perhaps encouraging you to attend one of them yourself.

Yachting is a beautiful sport, and one can truly appreciate it when attending a race. We trust that our post has inspired you to visit these events and experience all the festivities for yourself. Enjoy!

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